My beautiful 23 year old daughter Nadya got killed by a Driver ; Where is the Justice!!!

THAT IS WHAT I HAVE TO BRING ACROSS TO THE MEDIA AND THE JUDGE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO KNOWN AND LOVED  MY BEAUTIFUL 23 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER NADYA. THAT IS THE TRUTH AND HOPEFULLY TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENT. Why is it possible my 23 year old daughter got killed by a driver under DUI and the prosecutor does not go ahead with the DUI charges and is offering a plea bargain to the defendant after he told me he cannot charge the defendant with DUI because he only takes on cases he will win for sure. Not only did the defendant get charged with a DUI by the police, he also had no driver’s license, it was suspended because of a previous DUI charge. Furthermore he overtook the stopped cars who stopped because the rail crossing arms were down and the red light was flashing. The police report says he overtook them on the oncoming line and drove into the rail crossing arms and my 23 year old daughter was thrown into the moving train and got killed instantly. When the defendant was interviewed he said “I did not see a train” which was actually moving fast. The Ventura County Attorney is getting a grant now for 6 years in a row, as far as I remember around $382,123.00 per year, paid by you, the tax buyers, because he is successful prosecuting DUI cases ????????   Does that make any sense to a normal person ?????????