Phoenix Arizona land specialist

Phoenix Arizona land specialist In the real estate game, location is almost everything. Timing is crucial, too, and so is who you know. If you know Walter Unger, Phoenix  Arizona land specialist, you are bound to find out about important local listings well in advance of casual property shoppers. If you wish to buy or sell, contact the Kasten Long Commercial Group.

This is a marvelous time to buy undeveloped land and improved commercial property all over the beautiful American Southwest. If you have the wherewithal to invest in land right now, good for you. Walter Unger is an Phoenix  Arizona land specialist and associate broker at the prestigious Kasten Long Commercial Group. As an Phoenix Arizona land specialist, he is well versed in all phases of property acquisition in and around the greater Maricopa County region. During his more than fifteen years in the Arizona real property business, Mr Unger has successfully arranged all sorts of real estate transactions, for both sellers and buyers of Phoenix area property. Benefit from his many years of experience when you choose Walter Unger to broker your commercial property. This is a fabulous time to buy and sell property in the American Southwest.

No other local real estate agent knows the market better than Phoenix Arizona land specialist Walter Unger, CCIM, CCSS and CCLS. Unger is often privy to real estate listings before they go public. While you're here, please take a minute to register for our newsletter. Learn about local properties before they are made available to the general buying public. When you are ready to know more about land around Phoenix, or if you own commercial properties that you wish to sell, contact associate broker Walter Unger of the Kasten Long Commercial Group. Time and again, Mr Unger has proven himself to be an absolute expert as far as Phoenix real estate is concerned. Phoenix Arizona land specialist

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Phoenix Arizona land specialist Phoenix Arizona land specialist Phoenix Arizona land specialist